Spin a dice and it's Vegas rigged
A glass full of conobine and your off yer head (you take a)
A blood shot without the boom
Another hit of toxin closer to exhume

I'm feelin' lips
I'm feelin' cherry
I'm feelin' ripe
I'm feelin' (Juicy)

Got no cards, but still got your hand
Her snake eyes are casting a diamond distain (and now you)
Got no sleeves wishin' your could cheat
Try to run away when you got no feet

You look so pretty with you diamonds and you designer botox
You'll have to put something special in that little red box

One more black line will ease that limb away
Mind destroying angel made you judgment sway
Exsanguination left you insane (but it's)
Hard to use an axe when you ain't got hands

Razor Ruin Rust Restrain
Mutilate your body but don't touch your name
Rancour ruin wrath erase
Better lose an eye than loose face

fuente : Songteksten.nl

idioma : Inglés