Too Late

Got a secret,
hidden in the corner of your mind.
You want to free it,
but you found that you just can?t decide.
Crumpled paper,
holding pieces of our words at play.
You?re unaware of me,
but I can?t hear everything you try to say.

It's too late for,
it's too late for me.
It's too late for, for me to go. (x2)

Broken wishes,
falling from the fold in my hands.
Did you do this,
with the looks that I don?t understand.
Empty kisses,
tell me more than any words can say.
That you don?t know me,
and you don?t feel quite the same for me today.


I still feel the same,
I still love it when you hold me down.
Under the covers,
I love to watch your lips as you tell me goodnight.
Goodnight, goodnight.


Taal: Engels
Stijl: Post-Grunge