Once upon a day
you wandered my way
and lifted my nights
with dreamer's parade
the puzzle fit perfect
the story book affect
but I needed something
to make it complete

So I told my roommate
If I saw a rainbow
I would adore you
then I opened the curtains
Praying for rain

And I pled ever wrong night
for a waterfall sky
'cuz then I'd no for sure
my heart didnt lie
I was growing to love you
convinced that it was glue
but did not wanna jinx my
affirmation clue

so I told my roommate
if I saw a rainbow
I would adore you
and I opened the curtains
praying for rain

For 40 days and night
nothing but clear skies
most wouldnt complain
but I needed a fight
i was crossing my cutdowns
For thunder must break down
And hopes for the makeup
and a colorful sky

so I told my roommate
if I saw a rainbow
I would adore you
then you closed the curtains
before it rained

then the radio went wrong
it sang me a sad song
with no falling starts to balance it out
and so that was thee end to my last bf
learned when love went wrong
was when I wrote this song
cuz drip drop isnt it in my hands

Taal: Engels
Sfeer: Earnest; Dramatic; Bittersweet; Refined; Reflective; Amiable/Good-Natured; Earthy; Plaintive; Exuberant; Searching; Wry; Bright; Effervescent; Sweet; Organic
Stijl: Alternative/Indie Rock; Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Thema: Breakup; Girls Night Out

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