From the womb, to the tomb
An eternal struggle for the holy truth
We are not the first, nor shall we be the last
We shall be followed by thousands more
Study the scriptures ? Intensify the faith
The works of men much greater than you or I
From the cradle to the grave
Thousands of immoral souls just waiting to be saved!

Pilgrim man ? What are you searching for?
Believe the tales when everything else fails
Pilgrim man ? Deep in your heart you know
Your faith is already bought and sold

All my life I served the cross
Always believing my God was a just one
I maimed for you ? I killed for you
But looking back at my life
I just don't know anymore

electric bass guitar: Sharlee D'Angelo
drums: Daniel Erlandsson
lead vocals: Johan Liiva
electric guitar: Michael Amott; Christopher Amott
componist: ;
Taal: Engels
Stijl: Heavy Metal; Death Metal

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