Night Falls Fast

This earth speaks of darkness
To come in the blood of man
The air breathing poison
All waters running black

Until the sun rises and set on death
The sky burns red like sheer hate
The light in our eyes will fade
To join the darkness of our souls

The earth is losing its light
Night falls fast
Watch the dying sun
We are lost

No angel dares to land
In this hell of mankind's making
Buried all beauty in our foulness
Nature begins to shine its fury

Until the sun rises and sets on death
The sky burns red like sheer hate

Night falls fast upon mankind
Pray for the dead

The sky burns red
Like sheer hate

Taal: Engels
Sfeer: Dramatic; Swaggering; Bleak; Menacing; Ominous; Gloomy; Intense; Volatile; Aggressive; Confrontational; Theatrical; Fiery; Harsh; Hostile; Rebellious; Uncompromising
Thema: Late Night; Guys Night Out; Scary Music
Stijl: Heavy Metal; Death Metal

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