Let The Killing Begin

Anxiety prevails in the end
On deathrow awaiting my fate
Sacrificed upon the altars of justice
Part of the ritual of ultimate fear
Determined men prepare to slay
Executioners axe draws near
On my way to depart from life
Lost all sense, all the gallows I will die!

Let the killing begin
Let the end your life of sin
Feel the torment within
As the beauty of death sets in

Counting the days, the sleepless nights
Wide awake in a state of lunacy
Voices echo inside my head
Haunting memories, punishing me
Through a tunnel of madness
These endless catacombs
Left to die in a pit of confusion
Swept away by a wave of illusion

lead vocals: Johan Liiva
electric bass guitar: Martin Bengtsson
drums: Peter Wildoer
arrangeur: Christopher Amott; Michael Amott;
tekstschrijver: Michael Amott;
componist: Christopher Amott; Michael Amott
Taal: Engels; pidgin
Sfeer: Pulsing; Strong; Lively; Gloomy; Aggressive; Belligerent; Negative
Stijl: Club/Dance; Heavy Metal; Death Metal

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