Moo Rah Rah Rain

Splashes if we pray, it splashes wind flaps in the night
poppa says it doesn't, momma knows it shouldn't
and we are gonna have to call on Rah Moo Rah Rah Rain
We've been beaten, we're dying, let us congregate
foot cracks it's so dry and dirty dusty
there's a cry someone gag the baby cause his tears are dry he's thirsty
let's all gather in the barn and call Rah moo rah rah rain
we've been beaten we're dying let us congregate
I've never seen rain, my spittle cannot fly
Dad can't keep taking care of business
We'll dance to make it rain
and then we'll maybe try to go on taking care of business
we hope to see it rain the kids may not die
rah keep on taking care of business

Taal: Engels