Conscious Pilot

Pull our pockets inside out
Our hips have grown wings
The block and tackle on dumbwaiter
Hoist ourselves up with strings

If someone were to pull and tug
It would all make us flat
Once our pockets think they're wings
Guaranteed to fly

We'll flutter for change
Collecting strangers
But they'll all look the same
So let's float away for good

The fighters aren't fighting
They're just dancin' round the ring
And soldier butterflies have been lit off
They're in the alley, down the street

They're rallying in cardboard boxes
They're trying to find the ring
They're trusting the caterpillar instincts
That they'll soon be flown away

They'll flutter for change
And warm up their wings
Cause today is only today
Soon it will float away for good

And I remember everything
So I'll remember everything
And I remember everything
So I'll remember everything

fuente :

idioma : Inglés
Estilo : Alternative/Indie Rock; College Rock; Neo-Psychedelia

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