Soul Inspiration

If I lost you now
It would take my heart from me
I can't imagine life without you
The love of you, baby

Latley I confess
I've been short on tenderness
Too much time on work, I guess
Not enough on you

Now if I fogot to tell you I love you
I really got no excuse, no excuse

Because You're beautiful, my one desire
You're my soul's inspiration
And if I didn't say it, well I do now
You're my sweet inspiration-baby, baby

If I'm feelin' low
I've only got myself to blame
'Cause I can always share the load
When I'm near you-uh, huh

You can rescue me, baby
You bring out the best in me
I'm the girl I want to be
When I'm near you, huh

I may need reminding to say I love you
But heaven knows that I do, yes I do

Because you're beautiful, my one desire
You're a sweet sensation
And if I didn't say it, well I do now
You're my soul's inspiration

From the day I met you, baby
Yes, I knew insitinctively
Whatever our future
Together we were gonna be, baby

Huh, my baby
Nothin, nogthin's sweeter to me than
You, baby
You, baby
Yes sir I love you, baby

Hey-now I love you
Hey, ahh yahh
ad lib

fuente :

idioma : Inglés
Atmósfera : Sentimental; Romantic; Pulsing; Relaxed; Dreamy
Tema : In Love; Yearning
Estilo : Adult Contemporary; Quiet Storm

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