Ending Friendships In Record Time

Ready, set, go
Let's go from where we know
These ties that we hold
We wrap around our throats
And read or not here I go
We hit the gas and lose control
This chapter of accidents implies
Our fate and fortune that was denied
I know your not forgiving my...
Intentions to leave this all behind
Broken jaw, car accidents
We try to heal but these scars don't forget
Broken hearts, boy what a kiss
I'm over it, I'm over it

So silence up friends
And listen to what I have to say
Please don't judge me (treason)
Without your evidence
And that's that, you analyzed all my gaps
I wasn't trying to compicate these things
I just needed a change of scene
Oh please you see right through me
So why can't you see...


Tell me your interpretation
That the desert was my venture
Reputations what I wagered
And so I'll never speak to masses
Whatever happens, happens
Of what I did or what I said
Interpretating the worse
And the last thing that I said to you
Hey dude, it's a red light

I won't forget the light
The sedation faded to black
Just like our eyes
We turn away and never speak again

Don't hold your breath for spoiled air
We're looking out for ourselves first
We'll rendezvous from time to time
They get cut short but we're fine
Don't bother trying to read
Our modern guide to apologies
I'm not sorry for your accident
Your second crash

How many times have we been here before
These scars helped us grow
These scars no one knows

fuente : Songteksten.nl

idioma : Inglés