I Already Love You

Sometimes it shining through
through your wall
that's the real you
The mask you put on
let it go
a tear so hard to show

You probably
Never been in love before
Never got to open up the door.

Ref. Let me in
I want hurt you
Don't be scared
cause I am always there
Let me in
Damn I love you
Dont know what you been through
But I don't care
I already love you

Sometimes it's my fault
It doesn't mean
I don't care for you at all
Sometimes I dream away
and I don't hear
what you have to say

Maybe I
Never felt this way before
And maybe I've to learn a little more


I love the way you talk to me
(I love the way you talk)
When I feel weak
And I hope I get to comfort you
When you bleed
When you bleed


I never hurt you
So let me in
Let me comfort you
I don't know what you been through
And I don't care
I already love you

fuente : Songteksten.nl

idioma : Inglés

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