I Wanna Be Your Everything

Oh yeah...oh yeah
I don`t know you
Not at all
I took one look at you
And I want to know it all
What you do
Where you go
Am I on your mind or is there someone else
Are you calm
Do you care if it`s there
Or is there something wrong with your health
Ask me some questions I know your shy
And that`s what makes me think
You`re my type of guy

Just talk to me
Just that extra little bit longer
Yeah yeah yeah
And if it don`t kill you
I know it can make you stronger
Yeah yeah yeah

Talking: I know you`re shy
And I wish you were my guy

I wanna be the one now darlin`
So let`s get it on well let`s start something
I wanna be I wanna be
I wanna be your everything

All of this time
I`ve been sitting back
Looking at you baby
To see what`s in your head
And I don`t know you or what`s inside
But I know yes I know
That you`re my type of guy

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

I wanna be yor everything
I just wanna be your everything

fuente : Songteksten.nl

idioma : Inglés