My Sweet Time

Late at night i hear the song spinnin in my head
Heaven knows i cant sleep it off
Im thinking bout all my stuff
Missin my own bed and all my friends
But its too late to call
Hangin out all day at the Holiday Inn
Waiting's such a drag until the band kicks in

I dont know where the next road goes
But i feel the wheels roll down the road
Take my sweet time
Gettin it back again
What matters most will carry me
Through the night to where I wanna be baby
Take my sweet time
But I'll be home again
In my own sweet time

Im pouring out every night and it feels so good
How it works is a mystery
But i believe in my heart im doing what I should
With all these lost souls following
Waiting all day until "lets begin"
I love how it feels when the band kicks in


fuente :

idioma : Inglés

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