Everybody's A Critic

Call me a sellout. Call me a fake.
How much do you have at stake?
It's nothing but lies, outrageous cries.
A cry for help, look at yourself.

So you talk it. Do you walk it?
Or do you police the scene?

Those who talk shit are really something.
Lying to themselves hiding something.

Watching everyone, watching you.
Watching me, FUCK YOU!

fuente : Songteksten.nl

idioma : Inglés
Atmósfera : Energetic; Menacing; Cathartic; Intense; Visceral; Aggressive; Angry; Confrontational; Nihilistic; Fiery; Hostile; Rebellious; Provocative; Bitter; Outrageous
Tema : Guys Night Out; Revolutionary
Estilo : Heavy Metal; Alternative/Indie Rock; American Underground; Hardcore Punk; Punk/New Wave; Punk Metal

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