Dead Yuppies

When it all goes wrong man you know that feeling.
Gotta work and still can't pay rent.
See them walk by in the latest fashion.
The streets are filled with just me and them.
When money is your god with your credit cards
Quality of life is just fucked up.
I just turn around and watch a cadillac car see
Them mow'em all down! oh yeah!
Dead yuppies on the sidewalk right in front of me.
Dead yuppies on the sidewalk lying on the streets.
Never coming back as far as I can see.
Dead yuppies on the sidewalk right in front of me.
Front of me lying there right on the street.

Living life with no believing.
Well everything is all profit then.
Raising the rents in the neighborhood buildings.
Sixty hours a week and I'm a still broke man.
They're in the restaurants, in the laundromat.
Everywhere I go you know I see 'em.
As I pass by beside a runaway car and I watch 'em
All die! oh yeah!

They where sitting in the restaurant outside you
Know that part.
Across the street at the light he had a heart.
Attack hit the gas that's all she wrote.
He had a heart attack hit the gas.
Leave their dead bodies in the trash...Dead bodies

fuente :

idioma : Inglés
Atmósfera : Energetic; Menacing; Cathartic; Intense; Visceral; Aggressive; Angry; Confrontational; Nihilistic; Thuggish; Fiery; Hostile; Rebellious; Provocative; Malevolent; Bitter; Outrageous; Snide
Tema : Guys Night Out; Revolutionary
Estilo : Heavy Metal; Alternative/Indie Rock; American Underground; Hardcore Punk; Punk/New Wave; Punk Metal

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