The Girl That Got Away

I ran into you
Like a deja vu, but ive never seen your face
when I heard your voice above all the noise
i felt so out of place
it was make or break why did i hesitate
i didnt know just what to do

(i had) one chance
(i had) one shot
i shouldve walked right up to you

I didnt even know your name
why did i look you in the eyes
and now ill never be the same
it was an ordinary day
was it my loneliness inside
that put you deep into my mind
now i cant forget, the girl that got away

it was the month of may
its been a year today
since you ran off with my life
goin through my head,
the notes i couldve sent, 365 goodbyes

(i had) one night
(i had) one touch
oh, shoudve tried to make you mine


to whom it may concern,
would you please return,
ive got so much more to say
if i got it wrong, can you pass it on
to the girl that got away


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idioma : Inglés
Atmósfera : Earnest; Melancholy; Yearning; Dramatic; Sentimental; Stylish; Bittersweet; Intimate; Refined; Reflective; Passionate; Street-Smart; Slick; Plaintive; Somber; Wistful; Laid-Back/Mellow; Whimsical; Nocturnal; Weary; Reserved
Tema : Feeling Blue; Heartache; Reflection
Estilo : Club/Dance; Alternative/Indie Rock; Adult Alternative Pop/Rock; Dance-Pop; Pop Idol