Walk With Me

Walk with me baby,
Walk with me.
I wanna be with you,
Wanna be.
Talk to me baby,
Cause I got lots of time.
I'm gonna listen to your story,
I hope you mansion your first kiss.
Walk with me baby,
Walk alone with me.

Sing is all I can do,
Gettin' over off you
This is all that I am,
I speak loud, but I try to understand
Every aspect of life,
Every aspect of you.
And maybe I get fool by the beauty off you.

Time is a tunnel,
We're going through.
Forget all about it,
If you feel good.
From the end off the tunnel,
To the point off no return.
And while we get there, then I'll know
If this is a blassing, it goes through show.
If you want some answers,
Look at the sky turned blue.


fuente : Songteksten.nl

idioma : Inglés

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