66 Canciones Adam Sandler

7 Foot Man  Letras
At A Medium Pace  Letras  Acuerdos
Bad Boyfriend  Letras
Best Friend  Letras
Buddy  Letras
Calling Home  Letras
Cordurory Blues  Letras
Crazy Love  Letras
Creapin' On The Mayor  Letras
Dancin' And Pantsin  Letras
Dip Doodle  Letras
Do It For Your Mama  Letras
Fatty McGee  Letras
Food Innuendo Guy  Letras
Forgetful Lucy  Acuerdos
Four Years Old  Letras
Gay Robot  Letras
Girl  Letras
Grow Old With You  Letras  Acuerdos  Acuerdos
I'm So Wasted  Letras
Inner Voice  Letras
Joining The Cult  Letras
Linda Song  Letras
Listenin' To The Radio  Letras
Lunch Lady Land  Letras
Lunchlady Land  Letras
Memory Lane  Letras
Mr. Bake-O  Letras
Mr. Spindel's Phone Call  Letras
My Little Chicken  Letras
Ode To My Car  Letras
Oh Mom...  Letras
Pibb Goes Surfing  Letras
Pibb Tries The Skateboarding  Letras
Pickin' Daisies  Letras
Red Hooded Sweatshirt  Letras
Right Field  Letras
Secret  Letras
Sex Or Weight Lifting  Letras
She Comes Home To Me  Letras
Sid & Alex  Letras
Somebody Kill Me Please  Letras
Stan The Man  Letras
Steve Polychronopolous  Letras
Teenage Love On The Phone  Letras
The Amazing Willy Wanker  Letras
The Beating Of A High School Bus Driver  Letras
The Beating Of A High School Janitor  Letras
The Beating Of A High School Science Teacher  Letras
The Beating Of A High School Spanish Teacher  Letras
The Boss And The Secretary  Letras
The Buffoon And The Dean Of Admissions  Letras
The Buffoon And The Valedictorian  Letras
The Chanukah Song  Letras
The Chanukah Song Pt. 2  Letras
The Cheerleader  Letras
The Excited Southerner Proposes To A Girl  Letras
The Goat Song  Letras
The Lonesome Kicker  Letras
The Longest Pee  Letras
The Mayor Of Pussytown  Letras
The Mule Session  Letras
The Thanksgiving Song  Letras
Toll Booth Willie  Letras
What The Hell Happened To Me  Letras
Zittly Van Zittles  Letras

type: Persona
sexo : hombre
país : US
musicbrainz_id: dfc6d0b8-3d0b-4b33-9b3f-dff972e25594
popularidad : 50
genre(s): comic