Maybe it's been to long for me
Maybe I'm too far gone
I'm not looking for sympathy
But I know something's gotta be wrong
Remind me now what it means to kneel
Get me out of the way
I'm learning still that Your love is real
You've proven it's not a charade
I don't know how much I can take
Mighty fences are slipping away

You slowly break me down
You slowly turn me around
I'm learning how to live
I'm learning how to love
Now that You're here slowly showing me how

How do You say the things You say?
Do You really think I can change?
You love me with so much abandon
And You move in me with such grace
I am finally coming awake
Mighty fences are fading away

What I would be if I never let you in
What I would be if I am giving up my skin
What I would be if I let you in


Language: english

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