Easy Riser

You know he's the easy riser man, who never cares and never can
He'd rather sleep the day away than work as hard as play
It's rather talk, it's rather sing than lift a finger or begin to sit and think of things to do
He's the easy riser man, his world's agloss with lots of tan
He doesn't seem to know your name, he won't complain or play
An attitude that can't be touched, won't make a mess or make a fuss
He always has a tale or two, he's part of you

He's the man you know can make you happy
Turn your world around and make you smile
But if you think you're gonna change his thinking
Think again cos it will take a while

He's gonna love you now, gonna love you now,
He's gonna love you now till the end of never
He's gonna love you now, gonna love you now
He's gonna love you now till a new forever

Well, it's the easy riser way to live the night and lose the day
He never has to force a smile, he's happy all the while
A bomb could drop, a bell could ring, he never ever hears a thing
He always seems to make it through, he'll sing an easy riser song
He'll never tell you where he's from, he'll always steal the comfy chair
But a gentleman and fair, a hippy, happy lazy man without a crazy masterplan
He has a perfect point of view, he loves you



source: Songteksten.nl

Language: english

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