All sewn up
Pull out the seams
Take your call
Your voice is static
For from my reach
I burn the page
Imaged are blurred
Am I afraid?

Around my throat
You came so close
To stopping me
Alive in jail, alive and well
I cannot leave
Innocent, accident

Find my pulse
Trapped in a locked box
Teeth in a grind
All night amphetamine
Noise to the tape
Comes like a shattered beast
Cast a shade
Your mouths destroys me

Come down dawn in one piece
Come down dawn to find some peace
Driven to shambles on a tip
I never said that I would quit
And the next song takes over

(Words Spoken)

Quickly I said
Because your feet need to hit the floor
And wake your mind up
Because the body needs a little more
And you step out from the porch
Into the street
And the night will have its way with you
And you find a paper on the wall
And see the slogan needs an audience
And you give it a new look
You were trying to take a stab
You try to take a stab
You try to make something happen
And the colors saturate into the walls of the buildings

A defeated deposition
A nexus
A movement to fruition
A middle finger to the institution
A middle finger to the institution
A middle finger to the institution

(Taken from "Graffiti Deposition" by Jason Reece)


background vocals: James Olsen
guest background vocals: James Olsen
Language: english
Mood: Earnest; Dramatic; Passionate; Rousing; Cathartic; Intense; Visceral; Volatile; Aggressive; Angst-Ridden; Confrontational; Literate; Searching; Hypnotic; Fiery
Theme: Cool & Cocky
Style: Alternative Pop/Rock; Alternative/Indie Rock; Indie Rock

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