I Will Live Again

I don't know
I cannot see
Who we are now
How we used to be

Is it you?
Or is it we?
Look in the mirror
We are a fading memory

Where are we?
We got lost
In the cold

I will live again you'll see ? tomorrow's not scaring me
Far away from yesterday ? just take this pain away

Fatal chaos
Hurtful lies
A broken dream
Is all we left behind

Is it you?
Or is it we?
Look in the mirror
Just a fading memory

source: Songteksten.nl

lyricist: Angela Gossow
composer: Christopher Amott; Michael Amott; Daniel Erlandsson
Language: english
Mood: Dramatic; Swaggering; Bleak; Menacing; Ominous; Gloomy; Intense; Volatile; Aggressive; Confrontational; Theatrical; Fiery; Harsh; Hostile; Rebellious; Uncompromising
Theme: Late Night; Guys Night Out; Scary Music
Style: Heavy Metal; Death Metal

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